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The story behind Habit Coffee Club

Habit was crafted as a coffee that my wife, best friends and family would love. People who all love coffee but were always thrown off by the fruity & adventurous flavour profiles common in specialty/third wave coffee today. 

I wanted to create something classic & consistent that they could rely on every morning. Day in, day out, something that could be enjoyed without fussing over parameters, ratios & flavour profiles.  

Talking about coffee with friends and loved ones, the idea of diner coffee always came up when discussing their favourite memories of coffee. So, I wanted to create a coffee that everyone could enjoy at home that would take them back to their favourite diner.

The name "Habit" plays off of the ritual of drinking coffee itself, but also references the fact that Habit Coffee Club delivers coffee to you every month so that you don't have to ever worry about running out.

The classic membership provides 2 x 250g bags of coffee, delivered monthly. The monthly delivery ensures consistency and freshness while also making it the most cost efficient way of delivering the coffee so that you're not paying more for shipping then the coffee itself!

For those in Toronto, the Locals Only membership provides a 1 x 250g bag of coffee a month.

Casual Purchases are available for anyone in Canada with free shipping available for purchases over $40.

Bags of Habit are also currently available at select retailers in Toronto, and you can catch it as the every-day drip at Lourdes cafe (also where I roast).

Start your new habit today with Habit Coffee Club. 

It tastes like coffee.


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